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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Recognizing the importance of environmental preservation, and in order to carry out our corporate social responsibility, Nippon Steel Katakura Tube Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies hereby establish this Environmental Policy and commit to complying therewith throughout our business activities.

Basic Policy

Adopting a long-term and global-scale perspective, we will work for coordination between our business activities and environmental preservation as well as social development, and contribute to achieving “environmental preservation on a global scale” and “creation of a recycling-based society.”

Framework for Environmental Preservation Promotion

All of our employees will work together according to the Basic Policy to promote company-wide environmental preservation measures from a comprehensive perspective, including environmental activities, energy saving, and resources recycling. This environmental management framework has been established to drive environmental preservation activities on a voluntary, ongoing and exhaustive basis, whereby we will set and review annual environmental objectives and targets.

Environmental Preservation in Business Activities

In installing new equipment and in conducting various production activities, we will observe all restrictions under laws, regulations, etc. laid down by the bodies such as national and local governments concerning contamination prevention and the environment.

Mitigation of Global Warming, Resources Saving and Recycling

We will proactively carry out energy saving activities as a measure for mitigation of global warming. We will also contribute to resources saving through initiatives such as 3Ss and 3Rs.

Social Contribution through Products

We will drive development of products which can facilitate energy saving in each stage of use through features such as lightness achieved by using high tensile steel, and extended service life based on new technologies.

Koichi Tatsuta

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