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1. Swaging of Tube End

Swaging of Tube End

Tube end is pointed to allow gripping by draw bench.
(Swaging Machine, hydraulic forming machine.)

2. Annealing


Heat treatment is given to develop uniformity in material structure.
(Roller hearth type continuous annealing furnace)

3. Pickling and Conditioning

Pickling and Conditioning

Pickling: To remove surface scale using diluted sulfuric acid
Water washing: To wash away acids with water
Preparation: To form a zinc phosphate coating
Water washing: To remove sludge
Lubrication: To apply Bondalube or Strol Oil according to type of use

4. Automated warehouse

Automated warehouse

Facility for temporary storing of in-process workpieces in order to make up the processing capability gap between previous and subsequent processes
To ensure that products do not suffer surface scratching, no stacking is permitted in the warehouse.

5. Cold Drawing

Cold Drawing

Tubes are finished to the desired dimensions by drawing through ultra hard drawing die and plug.
By this cold working, precise tube dimension obtained and mechanical strength is increased.

6. Final Heat Treatment

Final Heat Treatment

Final heat treatment is performed to satisfy applicable standard.

7. Straightening


Any bends after cold drawing and annealing processes are corrected to form fully straight tubes.
(Roll straightener ,Press straightener)

8. Nondestructive Inspection

Ultrasonic flaw detector
Ultrasonic flaw detector

Eddy-current inspection equipment
Eddy-current inspection equipment

Ultrasonic inspection or eddycurrent inspection is applied as required.

9. Cutting and Chamfering

Cutting and Chamfering

Both ends of the tube are cut to the required length and chamfered. (High-speed cutter, automatic machine saw)

10. Final Inspection

Dimensional and visual inspection
Dimensional and visual inspection

Tensile test
Tensile test

Hardness tester
Hardness tester

Dimensional and visual inspection, tensile test, hardness test, micro photogragh, surface roughness measurement.

11. Packaging


Any desired form of packaging will be undertaken on request including stenciling.

12. Shipment


Maximum care will be taken to ensure safety and prevent the steel tubes from getting wet and corroding in transit.


Depending on demand, cut tubes and other products are supplied out of 11 product warehouses located nationwide.

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